einladungen zum 40 geburtstag

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 - einladungskarten geburtstag
einladungen zum 40. geburtstag mit geldwunsch

einladungen zum 40 geburtstag – I have never been all that inventive with birthday themes and ideas. When it came time to send out my 40th birthday invitations, I had no reason to think things would be any different. I didn’t see anything special about 40th birthday party invitation ideas. To me, it was just another year. Why should 40 be any different from 39? 39 was not any different than 38. I figured that for my 40th birthday party invitation, I would just send out a plain, boring card. People want coming because of the invitations. They were coming because they wanted to see me.

Then, in the weeks before my birthday party, I had a little bit of a crisis. It seemed like time was passing me by without me even noticing. Every year seemed the same to me. Every birthday party seemed the same to me. Nothing was any different, but I was getting slowly older year by year. I decided that this was when I would stop it. I would have the most sensational 40th birthday invitations that anyone had ever seen. I would come up with an exciting 40th birthday party theme, and see it through to the end.

You may be surprised to hear this given my attitude towards celebrations, but I am a graphic designer. I love art and design of any kind, but I seldom apply it to my own life. This year, however, it would be different. My 40th birthday invitations were bright, colorful, and exciting. The theme was not the past but the future. I have always been a big science fiction fan, so in my 40th birthday invitations, I invited everyone to a sci-fi movie night. The theme was “the party of the future”. I admit that the 40th birthday invitations were a little bit cheesy, but they were pretty cool as well.

It turns out that my 40th birthday party went off without a hitch. I admit that some of my friends were just humoring me, but others were sincerely excited about it. My fellow sci-fi geeks, in particular, loved the 40th birthday invitations. One of them even kept his to put up on the mantelpiece. We drank whiskey and soda pop, and ate cheese puffs all night while watching the War of the Worlds, the Dawn of the Dead, and other science fiction and horror classics. It certainly was a night to remember!

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